Shanghai Pudong Hanwei Valve Co., Ltd. was established in 1992, and is located in the Pudong New District, which is full of economic vitality in Shanghai. It is adjacent to Shanghai Pudong International Airport, next to Metro Line 2, and has convenient transportation. It is a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai. At the beginning of its establishment, the company took high-end valves as its market positioning, and conducted localized replacement of imported valves installed for the first time by large state-owned petrochemical enterprises.

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The products meet strict production standards,
the company has a professional production team, with many years of experience to create high-quality products.


As a professional valve enterprise. Hanwei Valve adheres to its own development route and is based on the oil and gas industry.
In recent years, Hanwei product technology has been continuously improved and improved. It has a high position in the valve market in the oil and gas industry.
  • Marine engineering

    The offshore engineering platform provides structures for production and living facilities for drilling, oil production, transportation, observation, navigation, construction and other activities at sea. The marine environment is complex and diverse, from simple water and salt intrusion to special corrosion and pressure requirements, requiring specialized valve products; With the development of offshore oil fields, the number of valves required for offshore platforms has gradually increased. Valve is an important pipeline accessory on the offshore platform...

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  • Oil and gas

    Onshore production plants, offshore production units, oil and gas separation units, compressor stations, gas treatment plants, distribution stations, urban pipeline networks, refineries, petrochemical plants, oil depots, gas stations in the oil and gas industry. Valves are indispensable and important equipment for the safe operation and maintenance, transformation and development of oil and gas transmission and distribution and storage systems. Oil and gas field internal gathering and transportation pipe network, natural gas purification and processing plant, crude oil, refined oil...

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  • Chemical industry

    The selection of valves in the chemical industry should be set according to the requirements of production (including normal production, start-stop and special working conditions), maintenance and safety requirements, and economic rationality should also be considered. Chemical industry process materials and public materials pipeline at the boundary of the device, chemical plant all the public material pipeline main branch pipe root valve setting, public material station (public engineering station), tower and reboiler, heat exchanger, steam heating equipment, water cooling equipment, air cooler...

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  • Gas industry

    Valves are indispensable and important equipment for the safe operation and maintenance, transformation and development of gas transmission and distribution and storage systems. In the process of gas production, purification, storage, transmission and distribution and application, valves must be installed whenever it is necessary to cut off, change direction, divert, check, relieve pressure, stabilize pressure and bypass. Valves are used in a wide range of applications. Since gas is a flammable and explosive substance...

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  • Refining and chemical sector

    As an important part of the petrochemical pipeline system, valves play an important role in the petroleum refining and processing process. In the petrochemical industry, ethylene plant, polyethylene plant (LLDPE linear low-density polyethylene, HDPE high-density polyethylene), polypropylene plant, butadiene device, EO/EG ethylene oxide/ethylene glycol, gasoline hydrogenation plant, PX hydrocarbon aromatic combined plant, MTBE/butene-1 device in the valve use of most of the media have flammable, explosive, toxic and corrosive characteristics...

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  • Urban pipe network

    City pipe network ball valve is a leak-free all-welded ball valve, which is widely used in urban heating pipe network, gas pipe network and other industries.

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