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Product Introduction

The simulating moving bed process is an advanced chemical absorption separation process. When absorbents are put into the absorption tower, beds don’t move and the rotary valve switches the inlets and outlets of each bed continuously at given interval. Therefore this process cannot let the bed move and let the absorbent move between the beds depending to the rotary valve motion, so it is called a simulating moving bed process.

Therefore 24 rotary valves are mainly applied for simulating moving bed molecular sieve absorption separation process units in order to realize the continuous absorption separation and produce high purity products.

At present the molecular sieve absorption separation unit which adopt 24 way rotary valves and simulating moving bed mainly includes:

(1)      Molecular sieve devaxing units: by using Morex process, paraffine is separated from camphorated oil or kerosene.

(2)      Paraxylene units: by using Parex process, paraxylene is separated from C8 aromatic compounds.

Rotary valves can also be used in other absorption units such as Olefins(Olex; the separation of fruit syrupSarex); the separation of p-cresol and m-cresol cymex); normal paraffin is separated from naphtha Maxene) and so on.

HanWei has more than 20 series of valve products, more than 6000 sizes. As the symbol high tech product of Hanwei, 24-way rotary valve of simulating moving bed absorption separation unit is used in petrochemical, biological chemical and other fields. This product, exclusively developed by Hanwei, is up to the domestic leading level and international advance level. Hanwei has made different size rotary valves for Sinopec Nanjing LAB Plant, Yanshan Petrochemical, Huaian Qingjiang Petrochemical, Tianjing Petrochemical, Yangzi Petrochemical,  CNPC Fushun Washing Chemical Plant etc. In 2002, 24-way rotary valve RVII-1000 was exported to Iran ICIIC Company.

24-way rotary valve, with original and unique structure, is multi-way and high efficiency equipment. The creation of this product was adopted interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary advanced technologies. In additional to the strong team on research and development of 24-way rotary valve, our company also has a variety of professional talents covering mechanical science, hydraulic science, electrical science, instrument science, automation control and chemical process etc.. This is the solid talent foundation for research and development of this product.

24-way rotary valve has obtained thirteen Chinese patents with patent No. ZL201110137736.X、ZL200720068627.6ZL200720068628.0ZL200910056354.7ZL200820056708.9ZL200920207781.6ZL201120170905.5ZL201120170903.6ZL201110094053.0ZL201120110186.8ZL201210196727.2ZL201210259219.4ZL201220359609.4

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