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Shanghai Pudong Hanwei Valve Co,.Ltd was established in 1992.It is located in the most vivid Pudong New area of Shanghai Economy next to Pudong international Air Port.Our company’ predecessor was called Shanghai Hanwei Special Valve Manufacturing Co,.Ltd which is a Shanghai-Hongkong joint venture belonging to Shanghai Foreign Ecnomic Committee.It is a Shanghai high tech enterprise. In 2010, Hanwei was acquired by China Valve Technology Corporation (NASDAQ Listed ).

The total area of our company is 20000 square meters(M2)with building area of 11000M2. We have 230 employees including 26 enginering technicians.We have CAD,CAM developing,designing,manufacturing system and product designing,developing center and have the product analysis research center of making product mould and finite element analysis using soft ware of Pro/E,solid works etc,. Shanghai Hanwei has become a valve manufacturing enterprise with strong design,develop and combination of scientific research & production after new development of many years.

Our company has advanced digital control machining center,CMCs,metal machining and cutting machining equipments;submerged arc welding machine,gas shielded welding machine;advanced physics & chemistry, NDE,spectrum analysis,material dynamic performance test; supersonic hardness scale,supersonic thickness gauge,heat treatment equipment; advanced valve complex performance test,valve torque,cycle test units & equipments while has a set of advanced complete quality control system & quality assurance system,ISO9001,API,CE/PED quality system certification as well as international,national and area certifications of API607,API6FA,PDO,etc.

Shanghai Hanmei has more than 20 series of valve products,more than 6000 sizes.It has the high tech patent products with several self-intellectual property rights: 24-way rotary valve of simulating moving bed absorption-separation unit and chromatogram separation unit used on large petrochemical equipment and biological engineering as well as fully welded ball valve specially used for district heating,etc which are the symbol high tech product of Hanwei company.Our company has the following leading featured products:API6D high performance pipeline ball valve,high performance check valve and high permance butterfly valve;special valve:feed valve, knife gate valve,angle valve,etc.;general valves: gate valve,globe valve,check valve,etc. Product range of sizes:3/8” -116”(DN10-DN-2900); product range of preusure class:ASME/ANSI class 150-2500lb(PN 0.25-42.0Mpa);product materials: carbon steel,alloy steel,stainless steel as well as DSS,Ti alloy steel,Ni-basic alloy steel,etc special materials;product range of temparature : -196℃~+700℃.Hamwei valve products are widely used on the oil, gas, chemical, power plant, city construction, water treatment etc. Our products fully comply with  the standards of ASME,ASNI,API,GB,DIN and BS,80% of the above products have been exported to the contries and areas of Europe,USA,Middle East, Middle Asia,Japan and South East Asia.


Contact: Mrs.Wang ; 021-68783965 ;、


Tel: 021-68783975(国内业务);021-68783965(international business)

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Add: 245 Hang Yin Road,Airport Town Pudong New Area 201202 Shanghai,P.R.China

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